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When General Electric created the first gem-quality synthetic diamonds in 1971, the first place the company sent them after cutting was to GIA for examination and research. In the 44 years since then, GIA researchers have closely followed the development of laboratory-created diamonds – from those early experiments to the production of commercial quantities in the gem market. De Beers has conducted a robust research program on its own and has worked closely with GIA in this effort.

The list of articles below chronicles GIA’s research efforts in this field to understand and identify synthetic diamonds. They are here for you to click, view and download.

Observations on CVD-Grown Synthetic Diamonds: A Review
By Sally Eaton-Magaña and James E. Shigley
FALL 2016, VOLUME 52, NO. 3

Large Colorless HPHT Synthetic Diamonds from New Diamond Technology
By Ulrika F.S. D'Haenens-Johansson, Andrey Katrusha, Kyaw Soe Moe, Paul Johnson and Wuyi Wang
FALL 2015, VOLUME 51, NO. 3

Near-Colorless HPHT Synthetic Diamonds from AOTC Group
By Ulrika F.S. D’Haenens-Johansson, Kyaw Soe Moe, Paul Johnson, Shun Yan Wong, Ren Lu, and Wuyi Wang
SPRING 2014, VOLUME 50, NO. 1

Recent Advances in CVD Synthetic Diamond Quality
By Sally Eaton-Magaña and Ulrika F.S. D’Haenens-Johansson
SUMMER 2012, VOLUME 48, NO. 2

CVD Synthetic Diamonds from Gemesis Corp
By Wuyi Wang, Ulrika F. S. D’Haenens-Johansson, Paul Johnson, Kyaw Soe Moe, Erica Emerson, Mark E. Newton, and Thomas M. Moses
SUMMER 2012, VOLUME 48, NO. 2

Strongly Colored Pink CVD Lab-Grown Diamonds
By Wuyi Wang, and Patrick Doering, Joshua Tower, Ren Lu, Sally Eaton-Magaña, Paul Johnson, Erica Emerson, and Thomas M. Moses
SPRING 2010, VOLUME 46, NO. 1

Latest-Generation CVD-Grown Synthetic Diamonds from Apollo Diamond Inc.
By Wuyi Wang, and Matthew S. Hall, Kyaw Soe Moe, Joshua Tower, and Thomas M. Moses
WINTER 2007, VOLUME 43, NO. 4

Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds from Chatham Created Gems
By James E. Shigley, Shane F. McClure, Christopher M. Breeding, Andy Hsi-tien Shen, and Samuel M. Muhlmeister
SUMMER 2004, VOLUME 40, NO. 2

Identification of Synthetic Diamond Grown Using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
By Philip M. Martineau, Simon C. Lawson, Andy J. Taylor, Samantha J. Quinn, and David J. F. Evans, and Michael J. Crowder
SPRING 2004, VOLUME 40, NO. 1

Gemesis Laboratory-Created Diamonds
By James E. Shigley, Reza Abbaschian, and Carter Clarke
WINTER 2002, VOLUME 38, NO. 4

A Chart for the Separation of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds
By James E. Shigley, Emmanuel Fritsch, and Ilene Reinitz, Thomas M. Moses
WINTER 1995, VOLUME 31, NO. 4

The Gemological Properties of Russian Gem-Quality Synthetic Yellow Diamonds
By James E. Shigley, Emmanuel Fritsch, John I. Koivula, Nikolai V. Sobolev, and Igor Y. Malinovsky, and Yuri N. Pal’ yanov
WINTER 1993, VOLUME 29, NO. 4

De Beers Near Colorless-to-Blue Experimental Gem-Quality Synthetic Diamonds
By Marie-Line T. Rooney, C. M. Welbourn, James E. Shigley, Emmanuel Fritsch, and Ilene Reinitz
SPRING 1993, VOLUME 29, NO. 1

The Gemological Properties of the De Beers Gem-Quality Synthetic Diamonds
By James E. Shigley, Emmanuel Fritsch, Carol M. Stockton, John I. Koivula, C. W. Fryer, Robert E. Kane, and David R. Hargett, Clayton W. Welch
WINTER 1987, VOLUME 23, NO. 4

The Gemological Properties of the Sumitomo Gem-Quality Synthetic Yellow Diamonds
By James E. Shigley, Emmanuel Fritsch, Carol M. Stockton, John I. Koivula, and Charles W. Fryer, and Robert E. Kane
WINTER 1986, VOLUME 22, NO. 4

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