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Gems & Gemology Looks at Botswana’s Value-Added Industries

Gems & Gemology Summer 2014 cover.

Summer 2014 issue studies amber, emerald origin and more

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Aug. 13, 2014 – The Summer 2014 issue of GIA’s award-winning peer-reviewed quarterly journal Gems & Gemology (G&G) highlights Botswana’s diamond production history and looks at the country’s long-term outlook for beneficiation through value-added industries. The issue also presents experimental studies on the heat treatment of Baltic amber and color phenomena in blue amber; a look at the role three-phase inclusions in emerald play in determining geographic origin; and much more. The issue is available in print, and online with exclusive video content.
G&G’s cover story “Botswana’s Scintillating Moment” focuses on efforts by the world’s largest diamond producer by value to become a major diamond processing and jewelry manufacturing center. The article by GIA’s Robert Weldon and Russell Shor looks at ways Botswana is diversifying into value-added activities meant to sustain overall economic development. Accompanying the online article are video interviews with industry professionals from Botswana filmed on location in 2013.
Next, GIA researchers from the Institute’s Bangkok laboratory present detailed photomicrographs of three-phase inclusions in emerald from Zambia, Afghanistan, China and Colombia. By combining images of microscopic features with spectroscopic and trace-element analysis, GIA researchers are able to more accurately determine geographic origin.  The issue’s final two articles focus on amber: the first identifies fluorescence as the cause of color in rare blue amber from the Dominican Republic and Indonesia and the second documents a series of heat treatment experiments to produce golden, red, “sun spark” and “beeswax” amber.
G&G marks its 80th anniversary in 2014. Since the first issue was published in 1934, G&G has been recognized as one of the leading academic journals in its field. In 2013, it was made available in its entirety online. Today, the award-winning quarterly journal is available as a print subscription and at no cost on GIA’s website. The summer issue also features highlights from the “Beauty of Science: Gems and Gemology Celebrates 80 Years, Featuring the Artistry of Harold & Erica Van Pelt” exhibit, which is currently on view at the Institute’s Carlsbad world headquarters. 
Additional details about G&G, full articles, more in-depth coverage, hundreds of additional photos, and exclusive video footage are available on GIA’s website at  

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