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I Love Those Earrings: A Popular History from Ancient to Modern

Books: I Love Those Earrings:
A Popular History from Ancient to Modern

Author: Sarah Froelich , May 4

Review of I Love Those Earrings: A Popular History from Ancient to Modern, by Jane Merrill with Chris Filstrup.

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Heat treatment of some pink sapphires

GIA Lab Reports on Low-Temperature Heat Treatment of Mozambique Ruby

Author: Vincent Pardieu, Sudarat Saeseaw, Stanislas Detroyat, Victoria Raynaud, Supharat Sangsawong, Thitima Bhusrisom, Sasithorn Engniwat, and Jonathan Muyal , Apr 28 Topics Inclusions

Report on changes in Mozambique ruby following low-temperature heating, observed using inclusion analysis, FTIR spectroscopy, and LA-ICP-MS.

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Wonders within Gemstones II

Books: Wonders Within Gemstones II

Author: Ziyin Sun , Apr 20

Review of Wonders within Gemstones II, by Anthony de Goutiere.

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U.S. Retail Sales Remain Cautious

U.S. Retail Sales Remain Cautious

Author: Russell Shor , Apr 20 Topics Jewelry, Trade

Caution continues so far in 2015. The numbers for jewelry retail sales, De Beer sights and Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction sales tell the story.

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Over the Top at BaselWorld

Over the Top at BaselWorld

Author: Russell Shor , Apr 17 Topics Design, Fashion, Jewelry, Pricing, Trade

An insider’s tour through the Basel show

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Basel GemFest: Synthetic Diamonds Getting Better, But so is Detection

Author: Russell Shor , Apr 8

Experts from GIA and De Beers joined together at the March 2015 Baselworld exhibition to assure a concerned diamond and jewelry industry that the means exist to detect and identify all synthetic diamonds.

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Tips From the Bench
Modify Your Prong Pushers to Make Them More Versatile

Compiled by GIA’s Jewelry Manufacturing Arts Instructors

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The First Point of Reference for Gems and Jewelry

Located on GIA's Carlsbad campus, The Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center is the largest, most complete library of its kind.

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