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The Global Diamond Industry book cover

Book Review: The Global Diamond Industry: Economics and Development Volume II

Russell Shor, September 23, 2016

Review of The Global Diamond Industry: Economics and Development Volume II, edited by Roman Grynberg and Letsema Mbayi.

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Attendees ascend an escalator with an expansive view of the Hong Kong Convention Centre.

2016 Hong Kong Show: Demand Slightly Up

Russell Shor, September 20, 2016 Topics: Jewelry

Demand for diamonds and colored gems exceeded the expectations of most exhibitors; many reported an improvement from last year’s business.

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Melee parcel submitted for screening.

Screening of HPHT Synthetic Melee with Natural Diamonds

Ivana Petriska Balov and Paul Johnson, September 19, 2016

A screening service allows the lab to screen for synthetic material in diamond melee parcels.

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Handful of opal

Lightning Ridge: The World Capital of Fine Black Opal

Tao Hsu, Andrew Lucas, and Vincent Pardieu , September 16, 2016 Topics: Formation, Gemology, Geology, History, Localities, Mining, Trade, Travel

Lightning Ridge is the world capital of fine black opals, the most desired of all opals. In June 2015 a group of GIA field gemologists visited this legendary town in New South Wales, Australia. Come with us to explore this important source of fine opals.

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Bands of color swirl across this piece of agate – from black to white to yellow to green to blue to orange to brown.

Gem Cutters Reveal the Beauty of Chalcedony

Sharon Bohannon, September 16, 2016

Master carvers have used chalcedony in jewelry, including cameos and intaglios, since ancient times in Europe and the Middle East.

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A spaceship-inspired ring of pink gems surrounding a pearl is showcased on a bride’s intricately drawn henna hands.

Designer’s Inventive, ‘Outrageous’ Jewelry Wins Industry Awards

Jaime Kautsky, September 9, 2016 Topics: Design, Fashion

Emerging artist Trishala Ashok – who has won multiple design awards – looks beyond the mundane and minutiae of daily life to create her jewelry.

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Tips From the Bench
How to Modify a Goldsmith Hammer

Compiled by GIA’s Jewelry Manufacturing Arts Instructors

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The First Point of Reference for Gems and Jewelry

Located on GIA's Carlsbad campus, The Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center is the largest, most complete library of its kind.

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