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Diaz needs to crouch low as he makes his way through jungle terrain with a backpack on. He wears boots and gloves to protect him on the uncut path.

30-Year Marine Corps Veteran Fulfills Dream of Becoming a Field Gemologist

Jaime Kautsky, November 28, 2016

The rigors and often-harrowing conditions of gemology field expeditions are no match for 30-year Marine veteran with a love of gems.

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Çiğdem Lüle behind a podium.

Researcher, Educator Uses Gems to Explore Ancient Civilizations

Jaime Kautsky, November 28, 2016 Topics: Gemology, Geology, History, Trade

Çiğdem Lüle uses her expertise to teach about the gem market and develop the multidisciplinary research subject of archaeogemology.

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A large group of people sit for a photo to mark the opening of the Macau chapter. A GIA banner hangs behind them.

A Season of Thanks for Dedicated Alumni Members

Kate Donovan, November 28, 2016

A special thanks to alumni volunteers who coordinate education and networking events for GIA Alumni Association chapters around the world.

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A high-tech digitizing machine cradles the books for scanning instead of forcing them into a flat, spine-damaging position.

Rare Books Project Puts Gem and Jewelry History Within Reach

Jaime Kautsky, November 28, 2016 Topics: Education, History, Technology

More than 200 historically significant books housed in the GIA Library have been digitized and made available for free.

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Evan Smith studies images of diamond inclusions on a computer.

Postdoctoral Program Gives Scientists Access to Rare Research Opportunities

Amanda J. Luke, November 16, 2016 Topics: Chemical Composition, Clarity, Crystal structure, Gemology, Geology, Inclusions, Instrumentation, Mineralogy, Organics

GIA’s postdoctoral program gives researchers access to gemological data, equipment and rare, unusual and large gems in its laboratories.

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Large rough diamonds sit on a mirror.

Russia’s Lomonosov Diamond Project Shows its Fancy Colors

Russell Shor and Dr. Karen Smit, November 14, 2016 Topics: Geology, Localities, Mining

Lomonosov yields fancy colors – purplish pink, violet, green, yellow and brown – and a high percentage of gem-quality colorless (D-to-Z) diamonds.

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Tips From the Bench
How to Modify a Goldsmith Hammer

Compiled by GIA’s Jewelry Manufacturing Arts Instructors

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The First Point of Reference for Gems and Jewelry

Located on GIA's Carlsbad campus, The Richard T. Liddicoat Gemological Library and Information Center is the largest, most complete library of its kind.

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