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Laser Inscription

GIA report number inscription on the girdle of a diamond

Microscopically inscribe a personal message, symbols, logos, or your diamond’s unique GIA report number on its girdle. Laser inscription allows you to personalize, brand or easily identify your diamond.
Laser inscription of the GIA report number is included with the Diamond Dossier® and all Synthetic Diamond Reports.

Diamond Type Analysis

GIA will determine your diamond’s type (Ia, Ib, IIa, or IIb) and contact you with the results. You may also request a letter and photograph of the diamond with your analysis. Supplemental to a GIA diamond report.

Quality Assurance Service

With an increase in treated and synthetic diamonds in the marketplace, GIA now offers testing for loose and mounted diamonds in the smaller size ranges to help you quickly make determinations about items being offered to you. Available for D-Z and colored diamonds 0.20 carats and less and black diamonds 5.00 carats and less, this service offers tests to determine:

  • Natural vs. synthetic and color treatment
  • Clarity treatment
  • Diamond type
  • Gem material
  • Surface treatment

Results are presented in a table format.
Rush service is available but subject to availability. Rush service results are returned within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) or rush fee is not charged.


Seal your diamond and its key grading details in a secure, tamper-resistant package at the completion of the grading process. 
Available for loose D-to-Z and colored diamonds accompanied by a GIA report. Depending on the dimensions of the diamond, it may not be possible to seal items over 8.00 carats.

Master Color Comparison Grading

Submit diamonds for color analysis and to be assembled into a master diamond set for D-to-Z color grading. Each diamond submitted must meet stringent criteria for shape, weight, proportions, conditions, and more to be included as part of a set. The set is issued a Master Diamond report listing the diamonds in the set and their color grade.
Two set minimum. Please contact us at 760 603 4500 for important information before submitting your items for this service.

Same Day Service

GIA is able to complete some diamond services by 4pm if the diamond is received by 10am on the same day. These services will vary by location, so please check availability with your local customer service representative.
Available for D-to-Z diamonds, and colored diamonds that are not considered green, pink or blue as testing to determine the origin of these types of diamonds often takes more time than same-day service allows.


If your GIA-graded diamond has been re-cut, submit your diamond for a Re-Examination. The diamond will go through the grading process and a new report will be issued.

Report Update

If it’s been a while since your diamond was graded and you’d like to confirm its quality, resubmit the diamond along with its original GIA report, if it’s available. The diamond will go through the grading process and a new report will be issued.

Report Conversion

Convert your current GIA report to a different report type. Submit the diamond along with its original GIA report.  The diamond will go through the grading process, and a new report will be issued.

Report Verification

Confirm that your GIA report matches your loose or mounted diamond. Submit the diamond along with its GIA report. Verification results will be returned in letter format attached to your original report.

Recheck or Final Observation

To confirm your diamond’s grading conclusion within 60 days of the original analysis, resubmit the diamond with its GIA report. Final Observations are not available for diamonds that were issued Dossiers or eReports.

Damage Assessment

Offered as a supplement to GIA diamond reports to determine if a diamond has been damaged since its last polishing. Results are delivered in as a GIA Identification Report.
Available for loose or mounted, D-to-Z or colored, natural diamonds.

Diamond Sorting

You can provide specific color, clarity, polish and symmetry parameters and GIA will issue grading reports for all diamonds meeting your criteria. Grading information will not be provided for any diamonds that do not meet the specified criteria and they will not be tested for treatments.
Available for diamonds weighing between 0.15 and 1.99 carats. 50 diamond minimum, submitted in bulk. Individual parcels required. Please contact GIA in advance for shipments of more than 1,000 diamonds. Not available for Diamond eReports.

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