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Service, Payment and Shipping Instructions by Laboratory Location

No matter where you are in the world, you can submit diamonds, colored stones and pearls directly to any GIA laboratory location and be assured of consistent quality and service.  


On-site services at each lab location vary. If you submit your item to a location where the requested service is not available, your item will be securely transported to the appropriate GIA laboratory and returned to its point of origin. Additional shipping charges will be applied in this instance. 

On-site Services by Location
New York
Gaborone 0.15-3.99 carats          
Johannesburg 0.15-3.99 carats        
Ramat Gan 0.15-3.99 carats        
Mumbai 0.15-3.99 carats        
Bangkok 0.15-3.99 carats    
Tokyo 0.15-3.99 carats      
Hong Kong 0.15-3.99 carats Yellow Diamonds
0.15-2.99 carats

*No services performed at this location. Take-in location staffed by GIA personnel.

You can also choose to submit through our network of GIA LabDirect Consolidators, who will route your items to the appropriate location and organize the details of international shipping for you. Please contact the Consolidator directly for submission and payment information.

Note that additional taxes/fees may apply, including local taxes, depending on the country where your items are submitted.

How to Submit

For existing clients, always include your client account number in every submission.

If you are a new client and do not have a client number, please include the following in your first shipment:

Acceptable shipping methods at each laboratory location vary. Please be sure to use one of the accepted shipping methods.

Acceptable Shipping Methods

  US Registered Mail Air/Armored Courier In Person
Drop Off/Pick Up
New York * * * *
Gaborone   Malca-Amit or Brinks only  
Johannesburg   Malca-Amit or  Brinks only  
Ramat Gan     **  
Hong Kong    

*Please note that our New York location has different shipping addresses, depending on the shipping method.
**By appointment only. Limit 2 appointments per week/5 items per appointment


Acceptable methods of payment:

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Business checks (from the gem and jewelry industry)
  • Money orders
  • Credit card (payment by phone only)
  • Wire transfer

Additional payment requirements:

  • Payment must be made in full before reports and items will be returned unless you are approved to invoice. For more information on this process, contact
  • Payment must be made in the local currency of the laboratory submitted to
  • Cashier’s Checks, Business Checks and Money Orders will be drawn on a bank within the local country of the laboratory submitted to. Items shipped to GIA from GIA Lab Consolidators must be paid in US dollars
  • Call or email your local laboratory for wire transfer information including GIA’s account and routing numbers

For questions about payment, please call +1 760-603-4500 option 8, or email




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