GIA Melee Analysis Service

To address concerns about laboratory-grown and treated diamonds being mixed into parcels of melee, GIA has developed an automated system to analyze and sort melee-size diamonds quickly and accurately.

The GIA Melee Analysis Service separates natural diamonds from simulants, laboratory-grown and HPHT treated natural diamonds, and sorts the screened diamonds by color range. Clients can also specify a size range for their parcel. Once sorted, the melee will be sealed in secure packaging for shipment back to the submitting client.

GIA Melee Analysis Service


  • Separates natural diamonds from simulants, laboratory-grown and HPHT treated natural diamonds
  • Sorts natural, untreated diamonds by color range
  • Screens 1,800 to 2,000 stones per hour
  • Secure packaging


  • Melee 0.9 to 4.0mm (approx. 0.005 to 0.25 ct.)
  • D-to-Z diamonds
  • Round shape only
  • Minimum submission quantity - 250 stones per parcel
  • Items must be thoroughly cleaned prior to submission

Lab Melee Analysis Submission Form


Each result type will be delivered in a separate, secure package:

  • Outside of Service Criteria - The contents of this package are either outside requested sorting diameter range or not round in shape
  • Simulant - The contents of this package have been determined to not be diamond and are simulants.
  • Laboratory-Grown - The contents of this package have been identified as laboratory-grown diamonds.
  • HPHT Treated Natural - The contents of this package have been identified as HPHT treated natural diamonds.
  • Color Sorting Options for natural diamonds
    • D-to-F, G-to-H, I-to-J, K-to-Z*
    • D-to-G, H-to-I, J-to-K, L-to-Z
    • D-to-F, G-to-I, J-to-L, M-to-Z
    • No Color Sorting
*If no color sorting option is selected, this option will be used.

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