Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put multiple pearls or jewelry items on one pearl report?

For each of the GIA pearl services, multiple loose pearls (quantity limits vary by report type) and single jewelry items, including those that contain separate pieces (e.g. earrings, cufflinks, tuxedo studs), may be submitted for and evaluated on a single pearl report.
For the Pearl Identification Report, multiple jewelry items may be included on the same report, but the fee will be the same as if each item had its own individual report (i.e. there is no savings in doing so). For the Pearl Classification Reports, only one jewelry item is allowed per report.
Typically, for multiple pearl submissions, measurements will be stated in ranges, with gross weights, and group descriptions and conclusions. Description formats of the results will vary according to the report type; sometimes the results will be separated and sometimes a group or item will receive a single result for the entire group.