Gems & Gemology Spring 2024, Vol. 60, No. 1

Spring 2024 G&G Publication Information

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Duncan Pay
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Nathan Renfro
John I. Koivula
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Gagan Choudhary
Christopher M. Breeding
Guanghai Shi
Senior Technical Editor
Jennifer Stone-Sundberg
Brooke Goedert
Editors, Colored Stones Unearthed
Aaron C. Palke
James E. Shigley
Technical Editor
Tao Z. Hsu
Associate Editor
Erica Zaidman
Editor, Diamond Reflections
Evan M. Smith
Assistant Editor
Erin Hogarth
Editors, Lab Notes 
Thomas M. Moses
Shane F. McClure
Sally Eaton-Magaña
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James E. Shigley
Raquel Alonso-Perez
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Faizah Bhatti
Photo/Video Producer
Kevin Schumacher
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Michael Creighton
Robert Weldon
Video Production
Albert Salvato

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Ahmadjan Abduriyim
Tokyo, Japan
Richard W. Hughes
Bangkok, Thailand
George R. Rossman
Pasadena, California
Timothy Adams
San Diego, California
Jaroslav Hyršl
Prague, Czech Republic
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Chattanooga, Tennessee
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James E. Shigley
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Brush Prairie, Washington
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Paris, France
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Hamburg, Germany
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Nantes, France
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Lucerne, Switzerland
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Florence, Alabama
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Johannesburg, South Africa
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Thomas M. Moses
New York, New York
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New York, New York
Lee A. Groat
Vancouver, Canada
Laura Otter
Canberra, Australia
Christopher M. Welbourn
Reading, UK
Yunbin Guan
Pasadena, California
Aaron C. Palke
Carlsbad, California
Chunhui Zhou
New York, New York
George Harlow
New York, New York
Ilene Reinitz
Chicago, Illinois
J.C. (Hanco) Zwaan
Leiden, The Netherlands
Peter Heaney
University Park, Pennsylvania
Nathan Renfro
Carlsbad, California

About the Cover

This issue spotlights “Garanatus: From Rough to Cut,” a Spectrum Award–winning platinum necklace featuring 28 garnets totaling more than 77 carats. Designed and fabricated by Mary van der Aa using garnets collected and faceted by Todd Wacks, it contains 22 rhombic dodecahedrons encasing the precious stones; the garnet’s type and locality are imprinted on each link. Photos by Robert Weldon; courtesy of Mary van der Aa Fine Jewels and Tucson Todd’s Gems.

Printing is by L+L Printers, Carlsbad, CA.

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