Professional Development

GIA Professional Development courses cover essential gemology and jewelry topics, and provide ongoing education to help develop your career in the gem and jewelry industry.



These professional development courses are primarily provided through the GIA Distance Education platform which involves eLearning and lab classes for some courses.

• eLearning is a fun and engaging learning environment including media-rich materials delivered online reflecting the same content used in our on-campus courses.

• Lab classes are where you gain hands-on experience under the watchful eye of experienced GIA instructors. You will also learn to use professional gemological equipment.

Learn more about GIA Distance Education and register for the following Professional Education programs.

Applied Jewelry Professional

The Applied Jewelry Professional program is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your understanding of gems and jewelry and covers essential knowledge related to diamonds and popular colored gems. Earn your credential via eLearning by taking three online courses.

Continuing Education Recognition Program

Available to GIA alumni who hold a GIA Graduate Gemologist or Gemologist Diploma, our continuing education program offers ongoing learning about the gem and jewelry industry. Stay current with access to the latest research, trends, and educational content.

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