More Locations

More Locations

The gem and jewelry industry circles the globe, so it’s only fitting that GIA is accessible worldwide. GIA offers select programs, courses, lab classes and other skill-building classes at additional locations and industry tradeshows. No matter where you study, GIA programs and courses are taught by GIA instructors using a standard curriculum so you’ll be ready to succeed no matter where your ambitions take you.


Botswana is a world leader in diamond production. GIA’s campus is located in Gaborone, a center for diamond cutting and wholesale gem sales.


With the world’s largest population and a fast-growing economy, China is one of the most important markets to the future of the jewelry trade.


India has produced some of the world’s most iconic diamonds. GIA’s campus is located in Mumbai, just steps away from the Bharat Diamond Bourse.


An economic and cultural powerhouse, Tokyo is one of the world’s great urban centers. The campus is in the city’s upscale shopping district.


Called the Lion City, Singapore is a manufacturing powerhouse and has a university system that attracts students from across Asia.


South Korea

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GIA Korea

United Arab Emirates

A crossroad for the Middle East and Asia, the U.A.E. is famous for its luxury and spectacular architecture. GIA’s campus is located in multicultural Dubai.

United States

The world’s largest diamond jewelry buying market, the United States is home to GIA’s world headquarters in Carlsbad, CA and campus in New York.