GIA On Campus and Distance Education programs, including student workrooms, are available in Shanghai through a cooperative program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Programs and classes are taught by GIA instructors in Chinese.
All offerings are taught in Chinese unless otherwise noted.


JMA 370 Jewelry Design
Nov 8, 2019-Jan 10, 2020

2020 Programs SCHEDULE

GEM 2500 Graduate Gemologist®
Feb 21-Sep 4
Jul 3, 2020-Jan 29, 2021

GEM 2200 Graduate Diamonds
Feb 21-Apr 17*
Jul 3-Aug 28*
Jul 4-Sep 13 (Program includes both on-campus and self-paced study; on-campus study on Saturdays and Sundays.)
Oct 31, 2020-Jan 16, 2021 (Program includes both on-campus and self-paced study; on-campus study on Saturdays.)

GEM 2300 Graduate Colored Stones
Feb 29-Oct 24 (Program includes both on-campus and self-paced study.)
Apr 17-Sep 4*
Aug 28, 2020-Jan 29, 2021*

JMA 370 Jewelry Design
Apr 10-Jun 12
Nov 6, 2020-Jan 8, 2021


GEM 220L Colored Stone Grading
Mar 8-10 (Offered Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
Jul 5-7 (Offered Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
Nov 1-3 (Offered Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

GEM 230L Diamond Grading
Mar 2-6
Jun 29-Jul 3
Oct 26-30

GEM 240L Gem Identification
Mar 12-16 (Offered Thursday through Monday)
Jul 9-13 (Offered Thursday through Monday)
Nov 5-9 (Offered Thursday through Monday)

GEM 149L Pearl Grading
May 26
May 27

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