Analysis & Grading

GIA Facetware® Disclaimer


The predicted cut grade generated by the Software provides an approximate prediction of the overall cut grade that a particular standard round brilliant diamond with a D to Z color and weighing 0.15 ct or more would receive from GIA based on GIA's examination and measurement of the diamond's proportions and other limiting parameters. The cut grade received from GIA may differ if GIA determines one or more parameters to be different than those entered by the user. Differences may occur due to different measuring methodologies, tolerances in optical measuring systems or if the user does not follow instructions provided for deriving or calculating a parameter.

The estimated cut grade provided by this software is not a valuation, appraisal, or guarantee and it is not a warranty or representation of the diamond's final cut grade as determined by GIA. The estimated cut grade may not be referred to as any of the foregoing.