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GIA Research Team
More than 40 scientists and other GIA staff contribute to our research efforts. Pictured here are (left to right): Dr. Karen Smit, Dona Dirlam, Dr. Mike Breeding, Dr. Ulrika D’Haenens-Johansson, Vincent Pardieu, Dr. Wuyi Wang, and Dr. Jim Shigley.


GIA offers a unique environment for scientists and researchers to further their investigations in the world of gems.  GIA conducts research to expand gemological knowledge through the ongoing characterization of natural gem material, as well as improving gem identification processes and detection methods for treated and synthetic gems. The Institute protects buyers and sellers of gems by providing accurate, unbiased evaluations of gem quality and by educating consumers and the trade.

GIA continually invests in its research activities, maintaining fully equipped laboratories with advanced analytical instrumentation for spectrometry, chemical analysis, and x-ray imaging, among others.

GIA houses a singular gem data repository, made possible by the millions of gems the Institute grades and analyzes each year.  And through its unique program of fieldwork in gem producing areas around the world, GIA continues to build its storehouse of knowledge through sample collection, documenting the chemistry, spectra, locality and other data on natural gems.

With research facilities in Carlsbad, California; New York City, Bangkok and Antwerp, as well as nine grading laboratories located in the world’s major gem and jewelry centers, GIA provides a truly global context for gemological research.

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