Rose Quartz Quality Factors

This faceted rose quartz briolette weighs 18.29 carats. Its pastel color is a lovely example of the soft pink this gem is known for. - Robert Weldon, courtesy The Greenwood Group
The soft translucence and pale pink to deep pink shades of rose quartz appeal to gem lovers as well as crystal collectors.

Rose quartz gets its name from its delicate pink color, ranging from very light pink (almost white) to medium-dark pink.

It’s not uncommon to see some quartz varieties with color zoning. This rose quartz exhibits rich purple-pink areas of color.
Tiny inclusions are responsible for the translucent appearance of most rose quartz. Finest-quality rose quartz is often transparent, so it’s usually faceted.

Tiny fractures can cause a cloudy appearance, even in fine-quality faceted rose quartz. - Robert Weldon
The inclusions in rose quartz can create a display of asterism when the gem is cut as a cabochon. It might also be faceted or fashioned into beads.

The cabochon cut promotes a striking star effect, called asterism, in this 170-ct. rose quartz. - Ricardo Cardenas
Carat Weight
Rose quartz is available in sizes large enough to inspire gem designers and carvers. Fashioned gems in larger sizes often display more intense color.

Gem designer John Dyer’s Regal Radiant cut shows off the pastel pink color and large size of this 63.37-ct. rose quartz. - Lydia Dyer, Gem courtesy John Dyer & Co.
An exquisite viola carved in rose quartz with 18K gold accents is featured in the “Symphony in Gemstones” collection. The gemstone “orchestra” was carved by Lothar Hermann of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. – Robert Weldon, gift of Art Sexauer