Rose Quartz Care and Cleaning

This fine-quality faceted rose quartz displays the gem’s appealing soft pink hues. - Photo by Robert Weldon, © GIA
Rose quartz is a durable gemstone. With proper care, it will provide a lifetime of jewelry-wearing enjoyment. - Photo by Robert Weldon, © GIA
Gem and mineral hardness is measured on the Mohs scale. The numbers are based on the relative ease or difficulty with which one mineral can be scratched by another. But the Mohs scale is deceptive. The steps between the minerals are not evenly spaced. For example, diamond is only one number away, but it’s many times harder than gems in the corundum family. With a Mohs hardness of 7, rose quartz is a gem that can provide a lifetime of wearing pleasure.
Mohs Scale
Rose quartz ranks 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.
Rose quartz is generally stable when exposed to light and heat.

Warm, soapy water is always a safe method for cleaning rose quartz. Cleaning with ultrasonic and steam cleaners should be avoided.

Rose quartz is occasionally treated with radiation to intensify its color.