Soul of Brazil Shines in Colorful Collection

The Institute’s first formal international jewelry collection highlights the spirit and soul of Brazilian jewelry. 
Long-known for its abundance of fine gemstones, Brazil is enjoying an emergence as a source of innovative jewelry design worldwide. GIA’s collection, which features pieces donated by Brazil’s top designers and manufacturers, was built with the support of the industry and the Brazilian Gems and Jewellery Trade Association, and showcases traditional and contemporary designs. 
Renowned Brazilian designer Ruth Grieco helped inspire the idea for the collection when she archived her contemporary, handmade tourmaline cross pendant and 18K gold necklace with GIA after it was mentioned in a book review in the Summer 2003 issue of Gems & Gemology.
Other high-profile donors include:
  • Cathrine Clarke, a well-known Brazilian jeweler: a multicolor gold and eroded watermelon tourmaline brooch/ring. 
  • Daniel André Sauer, director of Amsterdam Sauer and a longtime GIA supporter: his historical “Constellation” ring, the first South American-designed piece to win the De Beers Diamond International Award in 1966. 
  • Hans Stern, president of internationally recognized H. Stern Jewellers, Inc.: an Art Nouveau-Classical fusion style brooch, set with a 55-carat aquamarine and 38 diamonds in 18K white gold. The piece represents a classic Brazilian design characteristic of the 1960s.
“GIA is among the few institutions focused on improving the high standards of the entire jewelry trade,” Sauer said. “The [Constellation] ring is an icon and a landmark for the Brazilian jewelry industry.”

The 18K yellow gold "Constellation" ring won the De Beers Diamond International Awards in 1966. It features 28 round brilliant cut diamonds with total carat weight of 2.66 carats.  Photo by Don Mengason/GIA, gift of Amsterdam Sauer