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Found in lava, meteorites, and deep in the earth’s mantle, yellow-green peridot is the extreme gem

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Antique Cushion

This magnificent antique cushion-cut peridot weighs 20.25-cts.

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Double Refraction

Peridot’s strong double refraction causes double images of facets.

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Eye Clean

This peridot also has exceptional clarity.

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Myanmar Gem

This exceptional peridot crystal from Myanmar measures 4.3 cm tall.

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Yellowish-green Hue

This crystal has a medium-toned, highly saturated yellowish-green hue.

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Rare Crystal

Peridot crystals are rare; miners typically find irregular nodules.

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Buyer's Guide

Connoisseurs seek out large well-cut intensely colored grass-green one-of-a-kind gems, but there’s a thriving market for smaller, pastel shades in standard sizes.


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What To Look For

10.59-ct. Oval Cut Burmese Peridot
A pure grass-green color free from brownish tints is best.

The most favored peridot color is a richly saturated pure grass green, which is usually only achieved in gems of 10-cts. or larger. Smaller examples tend to show yellowish-green hues and brown undertones lower the value of peridot.

Peridot from Vietnam
Clarity refers to the gem’s inclusions.

The best-quality peridot has no eye-visible inclusions, with perhaps a few tiny black spots—actually minute mineral crystals—visible under magnification. Other inclusions common in peridot are reflective, disk-shaped inclusions called “lily pads.”

Butterfly Brooch
Cut is one of the most important factors in appearance.

With skilled cutting maximizing its beautiful bodycolor, peridot can be a stunning gem. It’s available in a wide variety of shapes and cutting styles, including ovals, pears, rounds, emerald cuts, cushion cuts, triangle cuts, and marquise shapes.

Peridot Crystal and Cut Gem
Carat weight allows for precise measurements.

Although the finest gems are generally seen in sizes above 10-cts. and there are fine gems of more than 50-cts. on the market, smaller gems cut to standard sizes are affordable and readily available.

Peridot Quality Factors: The Comprehensive Guide