Rare and Out-of-Print Booksellers

To help you in searching for specialized books

  A collection of rare books from the Cartier Rare Books and Archives at GIA Library

The following rare and out-of-print book sellers often have, or may specialize in, works on geology, gemology, mineralogy, natural history, science, medicine or art. All companies are located in the United States unless otherwise noted.

This list has been compiled for informational purposes only and does not imply endorsement by GIA

2Neat Books





Antiquariaat Asher BV (The Netherlands)

Antiquariaat Junk (England)

Barnes & Noble

Bauman Rare Books



The Catalog Kid

Dieter Schierenberg BV (The Netherlands)

Ed Rogers

Far East Gallery

The Gemmary

Hermann L. Strack (France)

J. M. Cohen Rare Books

James G. Leishman, Bookseller (Seller does not have a website or email address), 541-899-8479, Jacksonville, FL

Jeff Weber Rare Books

Jonathan A. Hill, Bookseller

Liberia del Porcellino (Italy)

Librarie Chamonal (France)

MS Book & Mineral Company

Nevada Mineral & Book Company

Nigel Phillips Rare Books (England)

Pagano, Renato & Adriana (Italy)

Paleo Publications

PBA Galleries

Rocks of Ages

Roger Gaskell Rare Books (England)

Sokol Books, Ltd. (England)

Twelfth Street Booksellers

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