Analysis & Grading

GIA Antwerp Diamond Services

Beginning January 2021, the laboratory will offer consolidated services with reduced staff. We will offer client consultations, rough diamond analysis for the GIA Diamond Origin Report service, as well as some Follow-up services and inscriptions for D-Z diamonds up to 9.99 carats. Clients will be responsible for shipping and handling charges for services not performed locally, as is the case in all GIA laboratory locations.

Laboratory Service Hours

The laboratory is open Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. by appointment only for submission and return of polished diamonds. You must make an appointment in advance for stone pick up, drop off, or any inquiries.

Schedule an appointment.

The following options are also available for stone pick up and drop off. (Only available for clients located in the local Antwerp Diamond District)

  • Schedule free pick-up from your office by emailing or There is a minimum requirement of five stones and a maximum stone value of US $500,000.
  • Drop off your stones at Malca-Amit for free. Malca-Amit will ensure that your stones are delivered to GIA. There is no minimum requirement for your drop-off, but there is a maximum stone value of US $500,000.
  • If you wish to arrange to have Malca-Amit collect your "ready for pick up” stones from GIA, please email your pick up instructions to or There is no minimum requirement for your collection/pick up, but there is a maximum stone value of US $500,000.

Shipping Stones to the Antwerp Laboratory

Required Documents

You’ll need to prepare and submit several documents to GIA before sending your diamonds. Required documents include:

  • A list or Excel file with specific details of each stone including carat weight, shape, value, reference number (if applicable) and service(s) requested.

  •  Note that the total weight and value must correspond with the total weight and value of the list or Excel file you submit.

  • If you are not an existing client, please create a new account prior to your first submission.

  • If you are an existing client, please include your account number on all documents and correspondence.

Note: Each diamond parcel paper should be numbered based on the order of the list or Excel file. The accuracy and completeness of these documents are essential to avoid any potential loss of time and additional costs incurred during import and export.

These documents should be sent via email to or by fax +32 3 432 84 01

Preparing Your Shipment

Once the required documents have been sent, you can prepare and ship your diamonds to GIA’s laboratory in Antwerp. Please note that this laboratory location only accepts loose, polished diamonds. Diamonds must be in a clean condition (deep boiled). GIA Antwerp does not accept any mounted diamonds or colored stones on jewelry.

Once the required documents have been sent and your package has been securely prepared, please send the package of diamonds with a copy of the pro forma invoice to:

GIA Belgium
Hoveniersstraat 51, 1st floor
B-2018 Antwerp

Shipping Stones from the UK or Switzerland (Brexit Updates)

As of January 1, 2021 all shipments going to and coming back from the United Kingdom and Switzerland through Belgium will be subject to customs regulations along with duties and VAT, if applicable. 

New Requirements

  • For import from and export to the UK customs documents have to be provided to GIA in advance. While preparing your shipment, please login to your client portal and click “Create a Shipping Memo” to provide all your shipment information and upload the customs documents. Be sure to also include these customs documents in your parcel.
  • Should the above not be complied with, note that customs will block your shipment and not release it to GIA or the customer until they receive the required documentation. This will cause severe delays to your service times.
  • An additional customs clearance fee of €50 Euros will be incurred for any items shipped to the EU from Switzerland or the UK. GIA will invoice you this amount, each time a shipment is returned to you.
  • Per the client agreement all duties, taxes and related shipping fees are the responsibility and liability of the submitting client for payment.
The new processing customs requirements could cause delays in shipment. With each shipment please include appropriate documents and send them in advance to GIA. View more information about the required documents. 

Shipping Tips, Additional Fees and Insurance Information

  • To avoid any damage in transit, pack each diamond in a separate parcel paper with the exact weight of the stone noted on the parcel paper.

  • Check with your local shipping agent for shipping procedures, as customs regulations may vary from country to country.

  • A charge is levied by the Diamond Office for Import/Export formalities (0.035% for Import and 0.0175% for the Re-Export) based on the pro forma value. GIA will advance this charge, but this charge will appear on your final invoice for payment.

  • If shipments are under- or over-valued or if there is any other misinformation, customs may not accept the pro-forma and a fine may be imposed by customs at your expense.

  • Diamonds are insured once they are received at GIA and up and until they leave the laboratory. You must provide insurance during shipment for both forwarding and return.
  • Additional handling fees will be charged on a per stone basis for stones submitted and not serviced locally in Antwerp

Payment and Return

  • GIA Antwerp will only release your stones once we receive the full payment of the invoice. For convenience we now accept credit cards, please login to your client portal to add your credit card information.

  • A copy of the invoice and payment receipt for the services performed on the stones will be included in the return shipment.

  • GIA will ship back the stones to you based on the total declared value for the shipment provided by you on your incoming memo (actual total value of your diamond(s) submitted to GIA). If you require a different insurance value, this direction must be provided in writing to prior to the shipment of goods. You will be responsible for all insurance costs, duties or taxes incurred. When shipping back stones, GIA is required to document the goods accurately. GIA will not be able to ship back goods as any item other than what is actually contained in the shipment regardless of how it was documented coming to the GIA laboratory.

  • Information on carriers for outgoing shipments:
    • GIA uses Malca-Amit and Malca-Amit Express as its preferred shipping carriers.
    • If a shipment is sent to Antwerp via UPS or USPS, goods will be shipped back via Malca-Amit Express (max. value US$75,000) or Malca-Amit for any value over US$75,000.
    • At your request, GIA will ship using Ferrari, Brinks, or FedEx for outgoing shipments. If you choose to ship with FedEx, you must be able to provide a FedEx account number. FedEx only ships diamonds Monday through Thursday.
    • If you would prefer a different shipping method please contact us at prior to the return of your goods.
  • Inquire with GIA Antwerp prior to shipping any rough diamonds (Diamond Origin/Identification)

For questions about shipping, please contact us.