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“Jade” is a generic term for nephrite, jadeite, and under certain conditions green omphacite. In China, a pierced jade disk is a symbol of heaven.

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Jade is desired for its rich heritage as much as by its beauty, durability, and rarity.

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This 127.10-gram carving is originally from Tienjun, China

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Use of color

This carving makes use of jade’s intense green and white mottled areas.

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Hidden Beauty

Jadeite’s beauty hides under a crusty brown or yellow oxidized “skin.”

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Uncovering the Beauty

The boulder is sawn to view its inner color.

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Taking Shape

This 1041-gram jadeite boulder is sawn and marked for further cutting.

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Figure 1. The rough Guatemalan jadeite jade sold by Yax Tun Minerals included blue, green, and lavender hues, with blue being the most prevalent. Photo by Tao Hsu; courtesy of Yax Tun Minerals.
Guatemalan Jadeite Jade: Rough and Finished

A wide range of Guatemalan jadeite jade in blue, green, and lavender hues was offered at the 22nd Street show in Tucson.

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Figure 1. Guatemalan “ice jade” carving of a deer (2.3 cm diameter). Courtesy of T. Chen.
“Ice Jade” from Guatemala

Characterizes a translucent variety of jadeite jade from the Morales mine in Guatemala.

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Figure 1. An omphacite jade pendant measuring 68.4 mm tall, shown in reflected light (left) and transmitted light (right). Photo by Tsung-Ying Yang.
A Unique Omphacite Jade Pendant

A carved jade pendant displaying both dark green omphacite and paragenetic yellow vesuvianite is examined.

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Figure 1. Yongchuliao samples collected for testing. The rough sample on the left weighs 30.1 ct, and the carving on the right weighs 12.85 ct. Photos by Shilong Xu.
Blackish Green Omphacite Jade from Guatemala

A Guatemalan jade called yongchuliao has gained popularity among Chinese buyers.

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Green omphacite <i>fei cui</i> jade displaying chatoyancy.
Unusual Cat’s-Eye Omphacite Fei Cui Jade

A unique jade cabochon with vivid green bodycolor and pronounced chatoyancy is examined at a lab in Shanghai.

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Ortho-nephrite samples analyzed are from Nasławice, Jordanów, Siberia, British Columbia, and New Zealand.
Natural Radioactivity in Select Serpentinite-Related Nephrite Samples: A Comparison with Dolomite-Related Nephrite

Uses gamma-ray spectrometry to directly measure internal radioactivity in green nephrite from deposits in Poland, Russia, Canada, and New Zealand.

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A 3.14 ct marquise cabochon nephrite set in a 14K yellow gold ring.
Washington Jade Update

Washington Jade’s success continues to grow as they find more sources of chatoyant nephrite in the Pacific Northwest.

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Gem trading at Namak Mandi
Namak Mandi: A Pioneering Gemstone Market in Pakistan

Documents Namak Mandi’s transformation from a salt market to one of Pakistan’s primary gem trading centers, with a look at the commercial activities taking place today.

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Nephrites from different localities of Xinjiang
Hydrogen and Oxygen Stable Isotope Ratios of Dolomite-Related Nephrite: Relevance for Its Geographic Origin and Geological Significance

Examines the effectiveness of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in discriminating dolomite-related nephrites from the four most important occurrences worldwide.

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White nephrite Buddhist carving featuring openwork papercut-style and a carved lotus.
The Evolution of Chinese Jade Carving Craftsmanship

Explores the art form of jade carving in China across five periods from the late Neolithic Age to the present day.

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