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Houston Chapter: Jewelry Design & Rendering Course with Rémy Rotenier

This three-day course is broken down into one day of black and white sketching and two days of color rendering of metals and gemstones.
The class starts with basic black and white sketching and rendering skills, including how to understand and depict the difference between opaque, metallic and transparent materials. We will learn to draw straight bands with different profiles and tapered dome rings, as well as how to sketch gemstones and put them in perspective. These techniques help build confidence to create powerful drawings that will help communicate ideas, work out problems and refine designs on paper.
The class continues with basic techniques for rendering lustrous metals and brilliant gemstones in professional-quality presentation drawings in the classic European tradition. Through the masterful demonstrations by Paris-trained instructor, Rémy Rotenier, students observe how metal, gemstones and other materials can come to life. 
Students will receive a full set of handouts and a design kit that will help them practice on their own. Rotenier will share his jewelry design techniques, which will be helpful to jewelers and sales associates who want to feel more confident presenting ideas in a more professional manner and be able to express their client’s ideas as they are discussed.
Paris-born jewelry designer and artist Rotenier is a passionate third-generation designer, the first in his family to work in jewelry. He is well known for his extensive experience in all jewelry categories with some of the most famous jewelers worldwide.
He received his bachelor’s degree in jewelry design in Paris while working for Cristofol, a workshop catering to the finest names in European high-end jewelry. He also holds a graduate gemologist degree from the French Institute of Gemology (ING) in Paris and took a diamond grading lab class with GIA in New York.

Rotenier was hired by Tiffany & Co. in New York in 1990 to be one of their three staff designers. Five years later he moved to New Mexico to become design director for Kabana. He has been directing and managing Rémy Design, a premier destination for jewelry creations, since 2006. He focuses on designing collections, teaching his rendering techniques in black and white and color, and custom design for private clientele.
Rotenier has also taught at the Revere Academy in San Francisco; The Workshops at Wolf Designs in Portland; FIT and NYJDI in New York; the New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, Tennessee; and Creative Side in Austin. He released two DVD sets in 2015: Counter Sketching of Jewelry and Color Rendering of Jewelry. They are available from the Rio Grande catalog.
Rotenier has presented his designs on several shopping networks: QVC (United States and London); Value Vision in Minneapolis; and Jewelry Television, where his collection is sold as Rémy Rotenier for Bella Luce.

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