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Symphony in Gemstones

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Photo: Robert Weldon, Gift of Art Sexauer

This miniature turquoise trumpet is one of 21 pieces Art Sexauer commissioned to create "Symphony in Gemstones," an exquisite collection of musical instruments in gem materials and 14K yellow gold.

Exhibit Description

Commissioned by Art Sexauer, GIA museum benefactor, and hand-carved by Master Carver Lothar Hermann of Idar-Oberstein, Germany, “Symphony in Gemstones” features tourmaline violins, a Persian turquoise trumpet, lapis saxophone, a tiger-eye harp and a black onyx grand piano with a white quartz keyboard. The instruments are set with 14K gold and displayed on a marble stage. 

Gem-Carved Ensemble

Discover the inspiration for the collection and explore photos of the miniature instruments.
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