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Exotic Stingray Skin Jewelry

See the exotic stingray skin jewelry exhibited at this year's Tucson show.

Rare Double-Trapiche Emerald

At the AGTA show, Equatorian Imports showed two pieces of emerald with a very rare double-trapiche pattern.

Rock Buttons from the United States

At the AGTA show, Columbia Gem House introduced its American rock button collection with some unusual combinations.

An Opal-Calcite Composite

Check out this unusual opal-calcite assemblage.

Zoned Scapolite from India

Rough and faceted scapolite that appeared strongly zoned to the unaided eye.

Blue Cat's-Eye Apatite

Chatoyancy is a very common phenomenon in apatite crystals with green or yellow bodycolors. Deep blue apatite with a cat’s-eye effect, however, is very rare.

Colored Stones Cut with High Precision

Customers can easily combine their favorite colors and sizes of a certain stone type and see whether the goods are in stock or need to be ordered.