Analysis & Grading

GIA Diamond Origin Report Submission Guidelines

The GIA Diamond Origin Report is only available for diamonds that have gone through GIA Rough Analysis Service before polishing. The origin service is not available for diamonds previously graded by GIA that have not been through GIA’s rough analysis. The following documents are required for rough diamond submission:

  • All parcels must be submitted with their Kimberley Process (KP) Certificate if the diamonds have left their country of origin (for example, rough mined in Botswana submitted to GIA’s Botswana laboratory location without having left the country at any time does not need a KP Certificate).
  • Invoice from the mining company for the parcels mentioning invoice number, lot number, weight, quantity and country of origin
As long as the rough diamonds are submitted in sealed parcels with the required paperwork mentioned above (KP certificate and invoice from mining company), they can be accepted for the GIA Diamond Origin Service. GIA will not accept rough diamonds for the GIA Diamond Origin Service if the parcel has been opened without the physical presence of a GIA representative.

For rough diamond characterization, you can submit to GIA laboratory locations in Gabarone, Johannesburg, Mumbai, New York, Surat and Tokyo. You may submit the polished diamond for the Diamond Origin Service, which must be accompanied by the GIA rough report number, at any GIA laboratory location around the world.