Tips for Job Seekers

Three Things to do Before GIA Jewelry Career Fair

  1. Review the Day at a Glance. This will help you make the most of GIA Jewelry Career Fair, and ensure that you attend sessions that are of interest to you.
  2. Learn about the companies that are recruiting. Impress recruiters by learning about their companies before meeting with them. Go to company websites, and develop questions about the company and job opportunities.
  3. Bring at least ten copies of your resume. You’ll have the opportunity to “speed date” with numerous recruiters. Make the most of these interviews by having enough copies of your resume to share.

Three Things to do at GIA Jewelry Career Fair

  1. Arrive on time. There’s a real buzz in the air when Career Fair begins. Be sure to arrive on time so you can get your badge, informational handouts, and a seat for the opening lecture.
  2. Get business cards from everyone you meet to help build your professional network.
  3. If you’re a jewelry designer, you’ll want to have a portfolio, tablet device, or laptop that showcases your best work. Bring it with you to Career Fair.

Three Things to do After GIA Jewelry Career Fair

  1. Send thank you notes to all recruiters you meet within three days of your interview.
  2. Send a resume and a note to the recruiters that you were unable to meet and express that you would like the opportunity to discuss potential employment.
  3. Follow up on promising opportunities within 1 week after the career fair if the recruiter does not contact you first.