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Photo: Robert Weldon,

The "Flagship I" brooch features a very fine white drusy agate with brown dendrites, a South Sea pearl, 11.8mm/round brilliant diamonds and 18K gold and platinum. The drusy is cut and carved by Dieter Lorenz of Germany and the design by is Susan Helmich. Photo by Robert Weldon/GIA, gift of Susan Helmich Designs, Inc.

Exhibit Description

Members of the American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC), a nonprofit education group formed in 1988 to promote American jewelry design, donated a collection of 29 contemporary jewelry pieces to the GIA Museum in 2004 − the first formal collection of jewelry to the Institute. The collection consists of classic signature pieces that capture the designers' aesthetics and techniques and unusual, eclectic gems.

Special Jewelry Collection Showcases Innovative Designs, Techniques

The GIA Museum showcases contemporary jewelry pieces donated by the American Jewelry Design Council.
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