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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a quartz variety that gets its name from its delicate pink color.

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Microscopic mineral inclusions are responsible for the gem's mysterious haziness.

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While rose quartz is often cabochon-cut, it’s also popular in faceted styles.

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Pastel shades

The delicate pastel pinks of rose quartz have a romantic appeal.

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Intergrown crystals caused this rough’s massive, non-crystalline, form.

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Rose quartz is commonly translucent rather than transparent.

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This enormous rose quartz rough weighs 206.80 grams (over 1000 carats)!

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An Interesting Rose Quartz from Madagascar

A new find of rose quartz from Madagascar contained some unusual inclusions.

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Bismuthinite Inclusions in Rose Quartz from Madagascar

Eye-visible inclusions are common in almost all quartz varieties except rose quartz.

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Assortment of Linde synthetic star rubies and sapphires
Dual-Color Double Stars in Ruby, Sapphire, and Quartz: Cause and Historical Account

Examines a form of asterism comprising two six-rayed stars, one white and one that exhibits the stone’s bodycolor. Firsthand accounts and a survey of patent documents reveal that diffusion has been used to create or enhance this optical phenomenon in synthetic and possibly natural corundum since the 1950s.

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GIA Gem Project
Various Gems (Olivine - Rutile)

Among the collection assembled by Dr. Edward Gübelin are a number of uncommon gemstones from many worldwide localities.

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Wanlaya Suwannapirom with painted pendant.
Gem Paintings from Thailand

Paintings created from uncut gem fragments are seen at Tucson’s GJX show.

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Wheel of Light Numinous pendant
Wheel of Light’s Mesmerizing Optics

A closer look at the Spectrum award-winning pendant from Nature’s Geometry.

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Petrified wood carvings and cabochons.
Thai-Myanmar Petrified Woods

The properties of petrified woods originating from various localities in Thailand and Myanmar are examined.

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Synthetic quartz crystal with inclusion suite of almandine and pyrope.
Synthetic Quartz: A Designer Inclusion Specimen

A collectable inclusion specimen is created by introducing garnets to synthetic quartz during the growth process.

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South African rhodochrosite specimen and Colombian quartz slices showing trapiche-like patterns.
African Rhodochrosite and Colombian Quartz with Trapiche Patterns

An eclectic grouping of gems and minerals at Tucson’s Pueblo show includes South African and Colombian specimens.

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2016 GJX show at Tucson
Tucson 2016

An overview of the 2016 gem shows.

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