10 Vivid Gems Bring
Fall Colors to Life

Spessartine Garnet
Color – the first of the 4Cs – is perhaps the most described characteristic in gems. From bright blues and steely greys to rich browns and fiery reds, gems come in many colors. The Pantone Color Institute, an arbiter of color for designers and fashionistas, selected 10 favorites for its fall 2013 color report. With exotic names like Acai, Samba and Mykonos Blue, these trendy colors are expected to dominate the fall season. 
But we think they look best in gems. 
The photo gallery above brings Pantone’s fall colors to life with gems that represent each shade. Explore vibrant pink sapphire, tourmaline the color of ocean waters and the 2013 color of the year: emerald. 

Kristin A. Aldridge, a writer at GIA, is a graduate of GIA’s Pearls and Accredited Jewelry Professional programs.