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Houston Chapter: Mineral Complexity presented by Jeffery Bergman

Known previously only to mineral collectors, geoscientists and hardcore gemologists, exotic species such as bastnasite, hackmanite, jeremejevite, painite and taffeeite are now available as cut gemstones on eBay. Mineral Complexity and Diversity: A Co-Evolutionary Tale introduces recent geological theories on the co-evolution of life and minerals, and will examine the influence of modern technology on the supply and demand of many exotic, atypical gemstones.
Jeffery Bergman, founder and director of Primagem in Thailand, is an American gem dealer with more than 40 years of experience in gemstone and fine jewelry mining, cutting, wholesaling and retailing. His career has taken him to more than 50 countries and every continent except Antarctica. He has appeared on the BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and GEO; and has been featured in Time, USA Today, National Geographic, Gems & Gemology and Discovery Channel magazine. He is a regular guest speaker at gem lab seminars and gemological association conferences and universities.
All are welcome to attend this event, whether you're a GIA alumnus, student, industry associate, hobbyist or guest. Please share this invitation with any others you may feel would be interested or wish to learn more about GIA.

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