Alice Keller

Alice Keller
For more than 30 years, the beauty of science has found expression in every issue of Gems & Gemology, thanks in large part to one influential editor and innovator, Alice Keller. Readers of G&G today can see Keller’s imprint on every page.
G&G was established in January 1934 as a source of research for both gemologists and the retail jewelry industry. From 1934 to 1980, GIA’s flagship publication was directed by two editors-in-chief: Robert Shipley and Richard Liddicoat. Over the decades, the journal kept its original unassuming size (5.5 x 8.5 inches) and format (black and white, with few photos). Although G&G published groundbreaking research and content, it needed an overhaul to capture the attention of the gemological community.
With an eye toward redesigning the journal, Liddicoat chose Keller, who had a decade of experience editing professional journals, to become the managing editor of G&G. Under Keller’s leadership, beginning with the Spring 1981 issue, G&G blossomed into an 8.5 x 11 inch, full-color publication that drew praise for its breathtaking color photography, including a two-decade run of covers by renowned photographers Harold and Erica Van Pelt.
Keller also established a peer-review system to ensure the quality and accuracy of articles, cultivating an editorial review board that included internationally prominent gemologists and researchers. Under Keller, G&G published pivotal research on synthetic diamonds, diamond treatments, and an array of colored stone topics. Her efforts culminated in widely read, award-winning articles and greater attention to gemology as a science. The journal’s multiple accolades and awards during Keller’s tenure reflected its international reputation as the industry’s leading source of cutting-edge research.
Always looking for ways to showcase important information, Keller spearheaded the publication of the three-volume Gems & Gemology in Review series, a comprehensive selection of the most significant G&G articles on synthetic, treated, and colored diamonds.
After 22 years of service, Keller became editor-in-chief of G&G in 2002, navigating the journal into the electronic age with the same insistence on excellence and attention to detail she devoted to the print version. In addition to her editorial duties, she co-chaired GIA’s International Gemological Symposiums in 1999, 2006, and 2011.
One of GIA’s Staff of the Year recipients in 1991, Keller also earned an Excellence in Publishing award from the Women’s Jewelry Association and an Honorary Lifetime Membership from the American Gem Trade Association, both in 1998. She received GIA’s highest honor, the Richard T. Liddicoat Award for Distinguished Service, in 2003.
Alice Keller retired in 2011, but remains the journal’s editor-in-chief emeritus. Under her leadership, G&G changed the face of gemological publications.