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GIA’s First Graduate Diamond Course Begins in Shenzhen, China

GIA Graduate Diamonds Course through Peking University Resource College held in July 2020. Photo by GIA.

GIA courses available throughout 2020 with Peking University Resource College

CARLSBAD, Calif. – Aug. 3, 2020 – Aspiring gem and jewelry professionals in Shenzhen, China attended the regions first on-campus GIA Graduate Diamonds Course in early July. The program, offered through Peking University Resource College, teaches students the art and science of diamond grading with hands-on experience. Students learn to grade D-to-Z diamonds using the 4Cs of Diamond Quality and the International Diamond Grading System™ and how to detect treatments and laboratory-grown diamonds.   
“Making gemology education accessible to students around the world is integral to our mission,” said Duncan Pay, GIA senior vice president and chief academic officer. “At PURC, students gained hands-on experience in a safe space and are now equipped with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the gem and jewelry industry.”
All of GIA’s in-person instruction follows local government guidelines and have precautionary measures to protect health and safety.
“Launching GIA courses in Chinese will provide more high-level talents for the jewelry and art industry to promote the development of the industry” said Liu Xiong, Dean of Peking University Resource College Cultural Relic School.
The college will offer GIA’s Jewelry Design, Jewelry Essential Intensive, Graduate Diamonds, Diamond Essential Intensive and Colored Stone Essential Intensive programs throughout 2020. The Institute will offer Blended Graduate Diamonds and other lab classes in 2021.
For more information call GIA Taiwan at +886 2 2771 9391 or contact PURC at +86 0755 2535 8189 or

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An independent nonprofit organization, GIA (Gemological Institute of America), established in 1931, is recognized as the world’s foremost authority in gemology. GIA invented the famous 4Cs of Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight and, in 1953, created the International Diamond Grading System™ which is recognized around the world as the standard for diamond quality.
Through research, education, gemological laboratory services and instrument development, the Institute is dedicated to ensuring the public trust in gems and jewelry by upholding the highest standards of integrity, academics, science and professionalism.