Past Exhibit

Starry Night Sapphire

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Photo: Robert Weldon, Courtesy of Treasured Gems and Jewels LLC/Benjamin Zucker

Vincent Van Gogh’s “ Starry Night,” with its vivid blues and hypnotic swirls, has captivated art lovers for more than a century. The aptly named 112-carat Burmese Starry Night Sapphire, has a magnificent star that dances across its surface, evoking Van Gogh’s enchanting masterpiece. Gemstones that display an optical effect – like the Starry Night Sapphire’s asterism – are referred to as “phenomenal” gemstones. The size and beauty of this particular sapphire is rare, rendering it phenomenal indeed. Also on display: an Edwardian ring set with pale blue and padparadscha sapphires, a ring set with diamonds and a classic ruby from Burma (Myanmar).