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More is More: Tony Duquette Hutton Wilkinson Jewelry

October 2013 - March 2014

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Photo: Orasa Weldon, Courtesy of a private collector and Mona Lee Nesseth.

Exhibit Description

Tony Duquette, a multifaceted movie and interior designer, also created bold and theatrical jewelry pieces with Hutton Wilkinson, his business partner and design collaborator for more than 30 years. Their designs were inspired by Duquette’s notable work as a costume and set designer during the Golden Age of Hollywood. The Duchess of Windsor was so taken with Duquette’s jewelry when his collection was displayed in 1951 at the Louvre in Paris, she commissioned him to make a necklace for her. Although Duquette passed away in 1999, Wilkinson continues to create jewelry and interior designs in the aesthetic he developed with him. “If it’s not fabulous, it’s meaningless,” he says.

More is More

“There is nothing subtle about them. It is amazing to see the unusual gemstone choices they made – and astonishing to see how well these unconventional materials work together.” 
- Terri Ottaway, curator of the GIA Museum

From the Vault to the Rotunda

A unique look into the transformation of a GIA museum exhibit.

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