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Dr. Edward J. Gübelin Collection

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Photo: Robert Weldon, GIA Collection

GIA Collection 33506

Dr. Edward Gübelin’s lifelong study of gems and their inclusions revolutionized the science of gemology. From his home in Lucerne, Switzerland, Gübelin traveled to gem sources on five continents to collect samples which he documented meticulously. After his death in March 2005, GIA acquired the comprehensive collection. It consists of more than 2,000 gems and also includes his extensive collection of slide reference files and gemological instruments. The Gübelin Collection is now part of the GIA Museum, where it is being used for research, education and display.

The Collection also serves as the foundation for the GIA Gem Database Project which aims to provide a publicly accessible, searchable database containing technical data on each gem in the collection, including images, gemological inclusions, and chemical, spectrometric and X-ray data.