Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 2015, Vol. 51, No. 1

Bold Color Combinations

Striking color suites
Top: This vibrant 2.08 ct oval pink sapphire flanked by a pair of warm-hued spessartine garnets totaling 3.41 carats strikes a tropical note. Bottom: This bold pendant and earring suite features three marquise-shaped tanzanites totaling 6.73 carats, with modified brilliant rubellite tourmalines of 14.20 carats total. Photos courtesy of Stephen M. Avery.

For retailers and designers overwhelmed by the endless rows of gemstones lined up in trays, inspiration could be found at the booth of Stephen M. Avery (Lakewood, Colorado). Avery presented “statement”-sized gemstones in suites of bold color combinations, as seen above. His company has mainly sourced African stones but is now traveling to Asia to add brightly colored sapphire and spinel to its design palette. Avery, an expert cutter as well as buyer, fashioned all the gemstones in his inventory. The combination of craftsmanship and creative inspiration appeared to have paid off, as he reported the company’s best show ever.

Donna Beaton is colored stones technical advisor for content strategy at GIA.