Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 1994, Volume 30, No. 3

Fall 1994 Gem News International

            Update on Botswana Diamond Mining
            West African Diamond Mining
            Diamond Mining in Namibia
            South African Diamond Mining
            Update on Australian Diamond Mining
            Update on Diamond Production in the Former USSR
            Unusual Diamond Crystal
Colored Stones
            "Caymanite" from the Grand Cayman Islands, Caribbean
            Chrysoprase Chalcedony Matrix Carving
            Demantoid Garnet from Mexico
            News from Nepal
            Horse Conch "Pearls"
            Notable Round Black Cultured Pearl
            Peridot from Pakistan
            Yukon Rhodonite
            "Samotsvetov" Colored Stones Museum in Moscow
            "Trapiche" Purple-Pink Sapphire
            Gem-Inlaid Shell Jewelry
            Tourmaline with Atypical R.I. Reading
            Gem Production in the U.S
            Green Cat's-eye Zoisite
            Coated Jadeite
Synthetics and Simulants
            Synthetic Phenakite from Russia
            New Production Facility Inaugurated in Siberia
            Russian Equipment for Diamond Sorting and Identification
            Sinkankas Book Honored
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