Integrating G&G with GIA’s Gemology Education

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One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is create synergy between GIA’s gemology courses and Gems & Gemology. Many of the student assignments incorporate research from the journal, and adding G&G articles as references would provide support and validation for the information in our coursework.

As we added video media to our eLearning courses, we featured interviews with many of GIA’s research scientists, some of whom were also G&G authors. Providing their articles to our students was a natural next step.

In the past, I had discussed this idea with Alice Keller when she was editor-in-chief of G&G. Although everyone was willing, we had no practical way to achieve it at the time. Now that every issue is available free of charge on the redesigned GIA website at, we can realize this ambition.

Beginning with our Diamonds & Diamond Grading eLearning course, we’ll provide links at the end of every assignment to specially chosen G&G feature articles.

Besides illuminating some of the source material for our coursework, links to supporting articles will provide a truly meaningful pathway into the resources on our new website. Students with inquiring minds will find many avenues of interest.

For example, I believe a good number of students would choose to explore the important G&G articles on colored diamond, diamond treatment, or diamond synthesis. Others might also download articles focused on mining, production, and the diamond supply chain, or read about the many famous gems examined or graded by GIA’s laboratory.

This tie-in exposes the tremendous amount of important work that G&G authors—both internal and external to GIA—have done to enrich our collective knowledge on the many aspects of diamond, and makes it available to a wider, and younger, audience.

We’ll also provide a short student study guide that explains the structure of a typical feature article and explains how to navigate one. In time, we’ll add similar links to relevant G&G articles in our other gemology courses.

Let me take this opportunity to thank all our current G&G print subscribers and online users. I hope to welcome many more of you in the near future.

Duncan Pay  |  Editor-in-Chief