Spring 2014 G&G
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Editorial Staff

Duncan Pay
Editorial Assistants
Brooke Goedert
Nathan Renfro
Managing Editor
Justin Hunter
Editors, Lab Notes
Thomas M.  Moses
Shane F. McClure
Stuart D. Overlin
Contributing Editors
James E. Shigley
Andy Lucas
Donna Beaton
Technical Editors
Tao Hsu
Jennifer Stone-Sundberg
Editor-in-Chief  Emeritus
Alice S. Keller
Associate Editor
Jennifer-Lynn Archuleta
Customer Service
Martha Erickson
1(760) 603-4502

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Production Staff

Creative Director
Faizah Bhatti
Multimedia Specialists
Nancy Powers
Juan Zanahuria
Image Specialist
Christopher Cruz
Production Supervisor
Richard Canedo
Peter Johnston
Larry Lavitt
Video Producer
Pedro Padua
Robert Weldon

Editorial Review Board

Ahmadjan Abduriyim
Tokyo, Japan
E. Alan Jobbins
Caterham, UK
George R. Rossman
Pasadena, California
Shigeru Akamatsu
Tokyo, Japan
Mary  L. Johnson
San Diego, California
Kenneth Scarratt
Bangkok, Thailand
Edward W. Boehm
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Anthony R. Kampf
Los Angeles, California
Andy Shen
Wuhan, China
James E. Butler
Washington, DC
Robert E. Kane
Helena, Montana
Guanghai Shi
Beijing, China
Alan T. Collins
London, UK
Stefanos Karampelas
Lucerne, Switzerland
James  E. Shigley
Carlsbad, California
John L. Emmett
Brush Prairie, Washington
Lore Kiefert
Lucerne, Switzerland
Christopher P. Smith
New York, New York
Emmanuel Fritsch
Nantes, France
Thomas M.  Moses
New York, New York
Wuyi Wang
New York, New York
Eloïse Gaillou
Los Angeles, California
Mark  Newton
Coventry, UK
Christopher M. Welbourn
Reading, UK
Jaroslav Hyrsl
Prague, Czech Republic
Nathan Renfro
Carlsbad, California
A. J. A. (Bram) Janse
Perth, Australia
Benjamin Rondeau
Nantes, France

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