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Garnets are a set of closely related minerals forming a group, with gemstones in almost every color.

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The best colors for spessartine are vivid orange to orangy red.

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No eye visible inclusions present is rare for spessartine.

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The intense color, lack of inclusions and skillful cutting create a bright stone.

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This specimen is hessonite garnet also called the cinnamon stone for its color.

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Array of faces

An amazing intergrowth of hessonite garnet crystals creates an array of crystal faces.

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Mineral Specimen

Hessonite garnet specimens are attractive and collectible.

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Details of two engravings representing the treasury of Aachen Cathedral.
The Talisman of Charlemagne: New Historical and Gemological Discoveries

Reveals new details about this historical jewel and the results of its first gemological analysis.

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An oval shaped bicolor tanzanite has purple on each side with blue-green in the middle.
December Blues: Birthstone Gifts that Will Delight

Looking for a gift for someone special? December’s birthstones offer a treat for every taste, style and personality – even if it’s not their birth month.

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A rectangle-shaped gold box, decorated with filigree, granulation and gems.
Metalwork Takes a Bow: Techniques that Enhance Gemstone Jewelry

This collection of jewelry images illustrates how metalwork techniques showcase gemstone and jewelry designs.

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Garnets under daylight-equivalent (left) and incandescent light (right).
Discovery of Color-Change Chrome Grossular Garnets from Ethiopia

The first known group of color-change gem-quality chrome grossular garnet, reportedly from Ethiopia, is examined in GIA’s Carlsbad lab.

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A miner in northern Tanzania examines rhodolite.
Gemstone Guidebook Project

A project coordinated by GIA and the NGO Pact provides a valuable educational tool to women miners in Tanzania.

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Timeline showing the use of garnets in different eras from 300 BCE to 700 CE
An Early Byzantine Engraved Almandine from the Garibpet Deposit, Telangana State, India: Evidence for Garnet Trade Along the Ancient Maritime Silk Road

Analyzes the chemical composition and inclusion characteristics of this ancient artifact.

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Russian demantoids with pure color and horsetail inclusions
Update on Russian Demantoid Production

Alexey Burlakov shares insights on the current production of Russian demantoid and emeralds.

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Namibian demantoid from the Green Dragon mine, preserved in host rock
Update on the Green Dragon Demantoid Mine in Namibia

Stephan Reif explains the mine-to-market approach at the largest continuously operating demantoid deposit.

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Tsavorite garnet and red spinel from Miriam Kamau’s mining operation in Kenya
Interview with a Kenyan Miner and Dealer

Miriam Kamau relates how she became a prominent dealer and miner.

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Small unheated spinel and sapphire exhibited by Madagascar Imports
Unheated and Unusual Colors

Margit Thorndal of Madagascar Imports offers her perspective on the colored stone market.

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