Alumni Chapter

Washington, D.C. Chapter: Turquoise by Zohreh Amini

Left: Collection# 23202 turquoise cabochon with matrix is 22.86 ct. Right: unidentified. Photo by Robert Weldon

Presenter: Zohreh Amini, GIA Colored Stones Graduate

Zohreh Amini will share the history and general facts about what turquoise is and where turquoise deposits are found. In addition to Egyptian, American and Chinese turquoise, you will learn about Persian turquoise characteristics, mines, treatment, repair, quality, Firoozeh Koobi and supply and demand.

Zohreh Amini is originally from Iran but is currently a permanent resident of the USA and lives in Arlington, Virginia. Zohreh is a gemologist and jewelry designer with 20 years of experience. She designs and makes custom jewelry on a case-by-case basis.


Admission is free for members who have paid their 2020 annual meeting fees, $15 (cash or check) at the door for all others. No advanced registration required.