Alumni Chapter

Manhattan Chapter: Laboratory-Grown Diamonds with Jerry Ehrenwald

Gemesis CVD laboratory-grown diamonds ranging in size from 0.24 ct - 0.90 ct. Photo by Robert Weldon

Presenter: Jerry Ehrenwald, GIA GG

Join us as Jerry Ehrenwald, founder of Laboratory-Grown Diamond Exchange (LGDEX), shares insight into the value of laboratory-grown diamonds.

Laboratory-Grown Diamond Exchange is an independent, online global platform designed specifically for the buying and selling of laboratory-grown diamonds and laboratory-grown diamond fine jewelry. “As an active member of the mined diamond industry for over 40 years, I know mined diamonds have value for three reasons: they are beautiful, durable and rare,” said Ehrenwald. “For laboratory-grown diamonds, there is currently no reliable information on value, and I intend to bring insight to this part of the industry as well as to the direct consumer.”