Alumni Chapter

Colorado Chapter: Ural Mountains of the Russian Federation

Landscape from the Southern Ural Mountains, Russia. Photo courtesy of Alexander Kissin

Presenter: Dacques Nini

Come enjoy an all-access presentation on the magnificent mines of the Ural Mountains. Nini, who recently concluded his visit to the Ural Mountains, will share his experiences and insights and discuss the region and its mining developments. Join us as we journey into the history of the region and the mystery of the famous Ural Mountains.

In this lecture, Nini will be speaking about the mines of the Ural Mountains and share his first-hand experience in the Malysheva Emerald Mine, Karkodino Mine, Vishnevogorsk Mine and Corundum Mine. Together, these mines host a myriad of gems, including emerald, alexandrite, demantoid garnet, apatite, moonstone, sunstone, blue corundum and polychrome corundum.

Nini is an international colored gem dealer with a passion for field gemology and fine jewelry design. Throughout his 18-year career, he has worked with American fashion designers, gem merchants and elite diamantaires worldwide. He is a GIA GG, JDT and Pearls Graduate and a FCGmA, and he has years of experience with some of the most famous and exotic sources of colored gemstones and diamonds. He has worked in South Africa, Canada and Brazil as a gemstone trader and as a field gemologist in multiple countries that are famous for their colored gemstones, like Brazil, Colombia, Myanmar (Mogôk), India, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. Nini has also visited some of the famed diamond mines in South Africa, including Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and South Africa.

Nini is a fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA), a member of the World Jewellery Federation (CIBJO), the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) and the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), and he serves as a chairman of the Houston chapter of the GIA Alumni Association.

This event is co-hosted event with WJA Colorado and AGS Rocky Mountain Guild.


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Appetizers and cocktails will be served.
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