Take the next step in your professional journey by enrolling in a programme at a GIA campus. Programmes and courses are offered all year round, so you can start learning straight away. With schools in major gem and jewellery centres around the world, GIA campuses boast exciting learning environments. But regardless of where you choose to study, you’ll find the same high standard of curricula across the globe.

Programmes typically reach capacity early, so we encourage you to apply at least three to four months before your preferred start date.

Admissions - Carlsbad Campus

The Robert Mouawad Campus at GIA World Headquarters is the premier school for gem studies and jewellery design — featuring fully integrated modern classrooms and an internationally recognised museum at the beautiful Carlsbad, California location.

Admissions - New York Campus
New York

GIA’s New York campus resides in the prestigious International Gem Tower – right in the heart of the famed Diamond District. The campus is a short walk from thousands of businesses devoted to jewellery and is the gateway to the world’s largest consumer diamond market.

Dubai Thumbnail 300x169

Rising out of the desert sands, Dubai is a miracle of modernity. It’s a city of spectacular architecture and man-made islands with a variety of entertainment options for tourists. Dubai is also one of the great hubs for business and luxury goods in the Middle East.

Admissions Bangkok Campus

When you attend GIA’s campus in Bangkok, you’ll be right in the middle of all the excitement and luxury of the Bang Rak district. You will be surrounded by high-end jewellers, top entertainment venues and up-market shopping centres.

Botswana Thumb 300x169

Gaborone is the fast-growing capital of Botswana, one of the worlds’ largest producers of diamonds, including the valuable Orapa mine. The city is home to the Diamond Technology Park and many other businesses that support the diamond trade.

Hong Kong Campus
Hong Kong

GIA is in the middle of the excitement of Central District – a place where skyscrapers crowd together and business decisions are made that ripple around the world. Rolex, Coach, Omega and other prestigious brands are your next-door neighbours when you attend GIA.

Admissions London Campus

Located in one of central London’s most vibrant and accessible areas, GIA sits between the Hatton Garden jewellery district and the luxury West End stores of Bond Street. Fine jewellery houses, prestigious auction houses and key trade venues are all just a few streets from where you’ll be learning your craft.

Admissions Mumbai Campus

Mumbai is India’s commercial and entertainment centre – and home to six of the Fortune 500 companies. Located on India’s west coast, Mumbai is the hub of India’s gem and jewellery industry – and GIA’s campus is located in the centre of it.


South Korea is home to more than 10 million people and the corporate world headquarters of some of the most prestigious companies. GIA’s campus is located in one of Seoul’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

Admissions Taipei Campus

GIA’s campus in Taiwan is located in Taipei, Taiwan’s centre of political, commercial and cultural activity. Known for its bustling nightlife, Taipei also offers world-class entertainment and shopping.


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