Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 1987, Volume 23, No. 1

Spring 1987 Gem News International

            Cubic Zirconia Coated by Synthetic Diamond?
Tucson 1987
            Amber: Dominican Available in Large Amounts
            Aquamarine: Zambia Source for New Find
            Chalcedony: Very Fine Iris Agates for Sale
            Chrysoberyl: Very Fine Alexandrite Available
            Diamond: Major White and Colored on Display
            Euclase: Irradiation Produces Pale Green Color
            Fluorite: Beads Sold as “Multi-Color Amethyst”
            Garnet: Green Grossular Now Scarce
            Kornerupine: Cat’s-eyes Sold as Quartz
            Moonstone: “Rainbow” Variety from India
            Opal: Very Fine Australian Black
            Peridot: Available from New Localities
            Quartz: Remarkable African Specimen on Display
            Ruby: New Find of Gem-Quality Reported
            Sapphire: Large Amounts of Intense Pink Seen
            Scapolite: Large Faceted Intense Reddish Purple
            Spodumene: Specimens Offered as “Sheen Phenakite”
            Turquoise: Substitute Imported from Germany
            Zircon: Virtually Every Color Available
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