Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Spring 2004, Volume 40, No. 1

Spring 2004 Gem News International

Tucson Report
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Yellow Cat’s-Eye Beryl from Brazil
            Update on Demantoid and Cat’s-Eye Demantoid from Iran
            Blue Omphacite from Guatemala
            New Ruby Production from Malawi
            Pink to Pink-Orange Spinel from Tanzania
            Large Tsavorite and Green Grossular from Tanzania
Synthetics and Simulants
            Color-Change Glass, Imitating Alexandrite
            Commercial Production of HPHT-Treated Diamonds Showing a Color Shift
Conference Reports
            Accredited Gemologists Association Conference
GNI Regular Features
            Update on Proprietary Diamond Cuts
            A Diamond Exhibiting a Spectacular Phantom
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Black Horn Coral Coated with Artificial Resin
            Petroleum Inclusions in Quartz from Pakistan: A Photoessay
Instruments and Techniques
            New Swarovski Triplet Loupe
Conference Reports
            Diamond Presentations at the Australian Diamond Conference
            “Science of Gem Materials” Session at the MRS Meeting
            Sinkankas Tourmaline Symposium
            Dr. Henry A. Hänni Receives AGA Bonanno Award
            Dr. George R. Rossman Receives Feynman Prize
            JCK Show Las Vegas
            Jewelry Camp 2004
            Geoscience Africa 2004
            International Geological Congress
            5th European Conference on Mineralogy and Spectroscopy
            Gems of Pacific Continental Margins
            Diamond 2004
            ICAM 2004 in Brazil
            Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair
            GIA Museum Exhibits in Carlsbad
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Table of Proprietary/Patented Diamond Cuts
Submitted by Thomas W. Overton
Spring 2004