Feature Gems & Gemology, Spring 1985, Vol. 21, No. 1

Gem Pegmatites of Minas Gerais, Brazil: The Tourmalines of the Araçuaí Districts

The first article in this series discussed the history of gem mining in Minas Gerais from the colonial period to the present, the nature of granitic pegmatites and derived deposits yielding gemstones, and the important deposits of aquamarine and other gem beryls. The present article describes the major tourmaline deposits in the Araçuaí-Itinga and Araçuaí-Salinas districts of Minas Gerais, focusing on the Virgem da Lapa mines, the Salinas mine, and the Ouro Fino mine. Some of the finest green, blue, red and multicolored tourmalines ever produced originated from these mines.