Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Fall 2002, Volume 38, No. 3

Fall 2002 Gem News International

            Australia’s Ellendale Diamond Mine Opens
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Aquamarine and Spessartine from Tanzania
            Brown Beryl from Mozambique
            Yellowish Green and Green Chrysoberyl from Ilakaka, Madagascar
            “Tashmarine”: Diopside from Central Asia
            Carved Emeralds from the Malagana Archeological Site in Colombia
            Hemimorphite from Congo
            Jeremejevite from the Erongo Mountains, Namibia
            New Morganite Mine in Madagascar
            Update on Some Namibian Gem localities
            Some Interesting New Opals from Brazil
            Bicolored Spessartine from Brazil
            Pink/Yellow Spodumene from Afghanistan
Synthetics and Simulants                       
            Some Glass Imitations Encountered in Namibia
            Plastic and Steel Pearl Imitations
            Gem Cutting Factories in Namibia
Conference Reports
            Gemstone Deposits of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region
            Gemological Reports at Namibian Geological Conference
            Yearly Updates to the G&G “Twenty Year” Index
            New Map of Russian Gem Resources
            Australian Diamond Conference Scheduled for December in Perth
            ICA Congress Will Occur in Jaipur, India, in January 2003
            GIA Museum Exhibits in Carlsbad
            Events at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
            Gems at the Bowers Museum Extended
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