Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Volume 43, No. 4

Winter 2007 Gem News International

            Colored Diamonds Break $1 Million per Carat with Record Auction Prices
            Namibian Diamond Mining by Namdeb
Colored Stones and Organic Materials
            Double Jeopardy in Amber
            Inclusions in Andradite from Namibia
            Andradite from Baluchistan, Pakistan
            Two Axinite Species from Tanzania
            Baddeleyite from Mogok, Myanmar
            Chrysocolla Chalcedony from Iran/Armenia Area
            Yellow-Green Clinohumite and Yellow Chondrodite from Tanzania
            Transparent Dumortierite and Sapphirine from Tanzania
            Brazilian Blue Opal, with Cristobalite and Quartz
            Otolith Pendant
            Goethite and Hematite Inclusions in Quartz from Mina Da Batalha, Brazil
            Sinhalite from Myanmar
            Field Study of Cu-bearing Tourmaline Mines in Mozambique
            New Cu-bearing Tourmaline from Nigeria
Synthetics and Simulants
            New Tairus Synthetic Beryl Simulating “Paraíba” Tourmaline
            An Unusual YAG with a “Reverse” Color Change
Conference Reports
            Geological Society of America 2007
            Goldschmidt 2007
            The Madison Dialogue Ethical Jewelry Summit
            Visit Gems & Gemology in Tucson
            Exhibits at the GIA Museum
            Gems! Colors of Light and Stone at the Bowers Museum
            The Aurora Collection at “The Vault” at the London NHM
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