Book Review Gems & Gemology, Winter 2001, Volume 37, No. 4

Winter 2001 G&G Book Reviews

“Gemstones: Symbols of Beauty and Power”
By Edward Gübelin and Franz-Xaver Erni, with photographic contributions by Erica and Harold Van Pelt, 240 pp., illus., publ. by Geoscience Press, Tucson, AZ, 2000. US$49.95
“The Jeweled Menagerie: The World of Animals in Gems”
By Suzanne Tennenbaum and Janet Zapata, 216 pp., illus., publ. by Thames & Hudson, New York, 2001. US $45.00
“Diamond: A Journey to the Heart of an Obsession”
By Matthew Hart, 276 pp., illus., publ. by Walker & Co., New York, 2001. US$26.00
“Barren Lands: An Epic Search for Diamonds in the North American Arctic.”
By Kevin Krajick, 442 pp., illus., publ. by Times Books (Henry Holt and Co.), New York, 2001. US$26.00
“Pearls: A Natural History”
By Neil H. Landman, Paula M. Mikkelsen, Rudiger Bieler, and Bennet Bronson, 232 pp., illus., publ. by Harry N. Abrams, New York, in association with The American Museum of Natural History and The Field Museum, 2001. US$49.50
“Diamonds: Famous & Fatal”
By Leo P. Kendall, 236 pp., illus., publ. by Barricade Books, Fort Lee, NJ, 2001. US$30.00
“Proceedings of the International Workshop on Material Characterization by Solid State Spectroscopy: Gems and Minerals of Vietnam”
Edited by Wolfgang Hofmeister, Nguyen Quy Dao, and Vu Xuan Quang, 334 pp., illus., publ. by Vien Khoa hoc Vat lieu, Hanoi, US$20.00 [e-mail:]
“Shinju no Kagaku [Science of the Pearl]”
By Koji Wada, 339 pp., illus., publ. by Shinju Shinbunsaya (Pearl News Press), Tokyo, 1999 [in Japanese], ¥8,500
“Minding the Store”
By Stanley Marcus, 383 pp., illus., publ. by University of North Texas Press, Denton, TX, paperback edition 2001, US$19.95
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