Gem News International Gems & Gemology, Winter 1995, Volume 31, No. 4

Winter 1995 Gem News International

            Fluid Inclusions in Diamonds
            Some Historical Trends in the Diamond Industry
Colored Stones
            New and Unusual Inclusions in Amber and other Gems
            Green Beryl and Emerald from Central Nigeria
            Red Beryls from Utah
            Gem Localities in China
            Colored Stones Seen by CISGEM Laboratory
            New Gem Deposits in Shan State, Myanmar
            New Emeralds from Southern India
            Natural Glass: Tektites
            Jade Market in Mandalay
            Jadeite Lapidaries in Myanmar
            Freshwater Natural Pearls from the Lac St. Jean Area, Quebec
            Unusual Pearls
            Rubies from the Barrington Volcanic Field, East Australia
            Ruby Market in Taunggyi
            Sapphire Mining in Laos
            The Sapphire Deposit in Southern Madagascar
            Scapolites from New Discoveries in Sri Lanka
            Tanzanites and other Zoisites from Merelani, Tanzania
Synthetics and Simulants
            Russian Flux-Grown Synthetic Alexandrites
            GGG as a Corundum Fake
            The Lapidary as a Gemological Resource
            Nuclear Microscopy of Rubies
            Raman Spectrometers
            Brewster Angle Refractometer
             Gems in Ancient Jewelry
            Gems & Gemology Wins Again
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